SKU Title Price
Vespa s/p/f Too Much Too Young Side panel flashes - Too Much Too Young £80.00
Vespac/s/f/r Do I Love You Lasered Centre and side panel runners - Do I Love You £180.00
Vespa h/c Vespa Horn Cover - Vespa £45.00
8mm p/n 8mm Pike Nuts £7.00
Vespa Badge Badge - Vespa £5.00
Vespa w/r/c Vespa Spare Wheel rim cover - Vespa £30.00
Vespa c/f/r/e Skinhead A way of life Etched centre floor runner - Skinhead - The way of life £30.00
Vespa c/f/r/e The Mods Etched centre floor runner - The Mods £30.00
Vespa c/f/r Buster Etched centre floor runner - Buster £30.00
Vespa l/c Vespa Rear light cover - Vespa £45.00